Thursday, November 6, 2008

Getting a little bit of resistance about my Star Trek dream sequence. All the men think they look fat in the Star Fleet uniforms, which I think is a testament to the fitness of the real original Enterprise crew. Deblinger is concerned that his nipples look puffy through the lycra. I told him that Shatner's nipples occasionally looked puffy during the third season, but that did not seem to comfort him. I'll throw the whole fucking thing out before I let my dream Capt. Kirk prance around in a Banana Republic turtle neck. The bridge of the Enterprise set looks like crap. I would rather re-write the bit so it would make sense for it to be performed in complete darkness than have this cardboard looking crap. Rubin, my director, doesn't seem to give a shit that the whole cast is mispronouncing every other Klingon word. He thinks no one will notice, but the Klingon word for 'urethra' is remarkably similar to the Klingon word for 'passive beta male'. Does he have any idea the kind of shit storm that will come raining down on us if the actors fuck that up??!

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