Thursday, November 6, 2008

I seem to have misplaced the only copy of the script. I thought it was really cool how in the movie Misery the writer only had one copy. I like how it made it feel precious and rare. So, taking a page from the Oliver Stone secretive pre-production hand-book, all scripts that went out were numbered and read with an intern present then returned. Rubin, my director, never even got one in the first place. He thought reading my script would get in the way of his process. He suggested that maybe my manager or agents would have a copy. But my film agents said they deleted the email I sent them with it as soon as they saw the word 'play' in the email heading, and my theater agent never got one since he can't afford email.

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  1. very funny mr. katz. have a great rehearsal!! love, rebecca C.


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