Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Perf # 11 (Rehearsal # 22)

Running time 2 hours 23 (inc 12 min intermission) ... another 4 minutes cut.

1. Very late start – probably due to the POURING snow.
2. Quickest show yet!
3. Worked new cuts into script today.
4. Will rehearse on Wednesday from 4-6pm. At this time we will work some problem spots and work in the last few cuts/changes.
5. Audience member's cell phone went off during the first scene tonight – the first ringing cell phone of the run!

1. Can the lights on "Bruce" and "Susan" in the bathroom be lower when "Philip Roth" gets sent away – LX 104?

1. We like "Andy's" white shirt but think we should cut the tie. He looks a little too dressed up for the party.

1. Menorah #8 survived the run tonight!
2. Broke another martini glass; during rehearsal not during the performance. That was our last 'extra' but we still have enough for the runs. We just can't break another one!

Stage Management:
1. We should put a little more cocktail sauce in the cup. Tonight there wasn't enough for "Bruce" to spoon out. Maybe three full spoonfuls?
2. Need to empty more sugar packets for tomorrow's performance.
3. We're gonna get more creamers.
4. Need to make sure the napkins are set on the table for the top of show so that "Doug" can clean his face.

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