Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Perf # 5 (Rehearsal #16)

Running time 2 hours 43 minutes (including 13 minute intermission).

Show tonight was okay; it lagged at the beginning but picked up in the party. A lot of props within scenes were off and logistically, the show was not as clean as it has been. The lag added 7 minutes to the total run time in comparison to the Tuesday performance. New blocking was invented tonight; new props made entrances onstage. Just overall, the show was not the best it has been/can be but the audience seemed responsive.

The house was full. Audience was noisy – a lot of shifting in seats and moving of seats but from my view, it looked as if it had to do peering around the person in front them to make sure they were seeing what was happening.

We will be getting cuts tomorrow from DBK. We will be rehearsing from 4:15-6pm; what we work during this time will depend on the cuts.

1. At the top of Act II, the crying still needs to be louder.
2. At the top of Act II, sound cue 74; we don't want the intermission music to go all the way out before we hear Talking Heads. Maybe more of a tighter cross fade?

1. Since it is the actor's personal watch, he did not want to scotch tape it. For tonight, he just took it off. Is this okay? Is there something we can do besides scotch tape that will not hurt his watch?
2. Can we get red underwear, instead of the black pair?

1. Menorah #4 will see another performance. It looks like the cheap menorahs are gonna last for two performances each.
2. Since we're preseting new oysters every night using the same shells, we can permanently 'close' the others. We're gonna find something, like maybe rubber cement?, that we can use to permanently close the other shells.

Next Rehearsal:
Thursday 12/11 4.15pm - rehearsing: Ending, "Karen"/"Andy" bathroom scene, new cuts. Also tech time, to run the ending.

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