Saturday, December 13, 2008

Perf #8 (Rehearsal # 19)

Running time 2 hours 37 (inc 13 min intermission)

And yet another late start - The lobby of the Public is SO PACKED around 8pm that it's really gonna be impossible to get a punctual start time.

House was VERY responsive - standing ovation and 'whoops.' The show was EXTREMELY smooth tonight and very articulate. The beats were clear and the show really flew tonight.

Didn't get to work all the script cuts into the show tonight. Perhaps we save them till tomorrow night; and then we can implement them into the show on Tuesday.

Rehearsals next week (should we choose to use them) will be on Tuesday from 4-6pm and on Wednesday from 4-6pm.

Scenic: Stage Manager covered the rough edges of the sink corners with white spike tape. It looked fine. Maybe we'll get some more putty for tomorrow and try to fill it in that way? Or if no one has any oppositions to leaving it with white tape, then we'll just leave it as is.

Lights: we looked at LX 98, fixed the wait time and the fade time to be the same; they were 7 and 6. We changed them both to 6. It's not actually getting brighter because LX98 doesn't have any parts; we think it might just be an optical illusion.

Costumes: "Bruce" wore the jacket. It looked great.

1. Menorah #6 = two pieces.
2. Boxes will be coming next week for us to pack up some of the props.

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