Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Perf # 12 (Rehearsal # 23)

Running Time 2 hours 26 (inc 14 min intermission).

And another late start ...

Show wasn't time-wise that much longer but there were some issues working in the new material from the past few days. We need to be looking at the changes on: "Andy" / "Susan" entrance to the party, the Darfur letter sequence, and the end of the last diner scene. We think the extra minute run time tonight was literally because of getting lost within dialogue and not knowing what comes next. Show started with a really good amount of energy and as act one progressed, the energy dropped.

The audience tonight wasn't 'inattentive' but just very non-verbal. I think the quiet audience just made the energy drop lower.

Fixed 104. Thanks!

Can we cut sound 90 - the cell phone picture sound? Stage Manager can NEVER hear it and we just have no idea if we're doing it correctly. We just kinda call it and hope it's at the right place but can't hear it. Has anyone that's seen the show noticed it?

Is "Susan" gonna rip pantyhose EVERY night? Are we providing those? Who's getting them and paying for them?

Menorah #8 died tonight. Broke a wine glass. We will go to Kmart before tomorrow's run and purchase another one.

Stage Management:
For tomorrow, we need: more McDonalds napkins; carrots; cherry tomatoes; and hummus.

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