Sunday, December 21, 2008

Perf #17 (Final rehearsal!)

Show had the shortest run time!!! 2 hours 26 (inc 14 min intermission)

Full house for the final performance in Public LAB.

Late start; The Public had the house all cleared at 7:05pm but at the places call, one of the actors had cut himself shaving and was bleeding pretty badly. Producer and Stage Manager ran upstairs and he put a bandaid on and we started the show. By half way through Act 1 he was able to take the bandaid off and it had stopped bleeding.

Audience was VERY quiet during the first five scenes. Audience's energy and the actors' energy all picked up once the party started.

1. We already gave the Dressing Room key back to The Public
2. We're going to the take the costumes to the dry cleaners today. They will be available for pick up after January 5.

Struck all the props/furniture last night. They are all in the center of the Shiva.


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