Thursday, December 11, 2008

Perf #6 (Rehearsal #17)

Running time 2 hours 26 (including 12 min intermission) - we've cut 16 minutes since yesterday.

We got a VERY late start due to nasty nasty weather and a PACKED Public Theater lobby. But once everyone milled in from the rain, the house was full. They were responsive; an intelligent audience. Largest laughs were at lines about Crosby Stills and Nash concert, vodka martinis not existing, and Mengele.

We worked in A LOT of new cuts tonight partly explaining why tonight's run was 16 minutes shorter than last night. But also the cast was energetic and the pace didn't lag.

Added the fan and open Rabbi Room door up until house opening. We think it helped. Also, the Public says the AC is working but it did feel better tonight.

We will be adding 2 hours of rehearsal time on Saturday. We will now rehearse from 2pm until 6pm.

The audience LOVED LOVED LOVED "Alison" tonight – every thing she said got HUGE laughs.

Is there a final verdict on whether or not "Susan" will kiss "Andy" and "Carl"? Or just "Carl"?

They also LOVED LOVED LOVED the masturbation scene tonight – there was non stop laughter throughout the whole scene.

We had a 'narrator' at house left who pretty much 'announced' to anyone that might have missed it one of the subtler prop placements. FUNNY.

We will be adding 2 hours of Overtime for cast and stage management.

Lights/Sound: We should talk about LX 18 and Sound 23. We have restaged the top of the "Susan"/"Andy" scene and we're kinda at a loss of when to call LX and the sound of the headphones going out, and if they should go together.

Great job focusing that light downstage. It looks great.

Can we look at the focus of that light we were talking about being on that guy's head? Director thinks that that scene with "Susan"/"Andy" looked dark on the column where they end the scene. I think maybe that light might have just slipped?

Sound: Cut sound cues 125 and 127

Costumes: Director talked to "Alison" about pulling her shirt down over her shoulders. She said she will fix it for tomorrow. Is "Bruce" definitely going to wear the blazer instead of the sweater? Let me know if you decide to still go with a new dress for "Karen". I'm waiting to talk to her about a fitting time until the director talks to her. Red underwear for "Karen" is coming?

Props: Menorah #4 bit the dust tonight. Looks like the cheap ones are gonna last for two shows.

Stage Management: will bring something to rehearsal that we can use to permanently close the oyster shells, besides the putty.

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