Saturday, December 20, 2008

Perfs # 15 & 16 (Rehs # 26 & 27)

Running times:
Matinee was 2 hours 26 (inc 12 min intermission)
Evening show ran 2 hours 25 (inc 13 min intermission)

1. Shows were good today - smooth flow. The matinee audience had a quiet energy but they were still responsive and engaged. Evening audience was much quieter; still engaged but a little more fidgety and not as vocal.
2. Last performance tomorrow at 7pm!
3. Strike will be happening on Monday.
4. We had a lovely cell phone go off during the matinee ... twice; during the "Karen"/"Andy" bathroom scene. The culprit? Sitting directly in front of the sink. You would think after it went off once, you might turn it off?

1. We're gonna have petty cash receipts to hand over on Sunday PM.

1. What should we do regarding dry cleaning/laundering the clothes that belong to the actors? Any suggestions?
2. Should we bring all costume pieces that aren’t going home with actors tomorrow night down to the Shiva?

1. Gonna have an extra menorah!!!
2. Have a TON of the green martini mix left over - you might want to think of returning it if you can!
3. Stage Management will pull all props and furniture to the middle of the Shiva tomorrow evening. Do you have any boxes for us?

Stage Management:
1. Let’s remember the soft white napkins for "Doug".
2. I’m gonna tape the iPod recorder back together for tomorrow’s show.
3. We MUST get a new NYTimes. The one we have won’t last for tomorrow’s show. Can someone pick one up?
5. The flat unit that is under the house - the black standing flat - we need to return that tomorrow before/after the show to the Luesther.

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