Sunday, December 14, 2008

Perfs # 9 & 10 (Rehs # 20 & 21)

Perf #9, 2pm - running time: 2 hours 29 (inc 11 min intermission) ... 1 minute shorter.
Perf #10, 7pm - running time: 2 hours 28 (inc 13 min intermission) ... 3 more minutes cut.

Shows were really great today; both were very smooth. Both sets of audiences were super responsive and gave standing ovations at curtain call.

We WILL definitely use the rehearsal time on Tuesday. Since the performance that night is at 7pm we will have to rehearse from 3-5pm. What we will be working is still TBD as we might be getting some more cuts. Wednesday's rehearsal status is still TBD. At the matinee today, no one called "Line!"

Sound: Can the curtain call music be louder?

Props: Menorah #7 lasted for both shows today AND only a small piece broke off this evening. We might try to fix it with some super glue for Tuesday's performance. Maybe we can set a performance record with this one...

Stage Management:
1. Coffee in the cups is cut. The actors might not like this but it keeps getting spilled.
2. Let's roll the poster up a little tighter.
3. For Tuesday's run, we need to pick up some more vegetable pate and food coloring. Let's go ahead and pick up one more cranberry and one more black cherry juice also.

Next Rehearsal: Tuesday 12/16 3pm.

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