Thursday, December 18, 2008

Perf #13 (Rehearsal #24)

Running time 2 hours 26 (inc 13 min intermission).

And another late start.

Show was very smooth. The cast did great with the line cuts that were emailed out today. Energy started a little low but definitely picked up as the acts progressed. The audience warmed up as the night went on also - started off quiet but by the end were very vocal.

Post show discussion went very well - we had about 1/3 of the audience stay and many of them stayed after to talk to the actors and creative team.

Evidently the dry cleaners told us we had 'an account' there – Is this true? If not, then we think it might have gotten charged to NYSF.

Any word on the work call on Sunday PM? Or should I remove the sink and wall unit?

1. Speaking of LX 104 - can the lights come down quicker on "Bruce" and "Susan"?
2. Also can we make LX 125 longer?

Stage Manager got the note regarding Q90. We'll make it work.

1. We discussed the panty hose – Did we buy enough to last through the end of the run?

Menorah #9 didn't break ... but is very crooked. We will put #10 out to use tomorrow.

Stage Management:
1. How's the bell look, dent wise? Should we try 'banging' the dents out again?
2. We should clean out the fridge on Saturday in between shows.
3. We should also put out a new Darfur letter for tomorrow's performance. And maybe a new envelope? I think there are extras in that envelope.

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