Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Perf # 4 (Rehearsal #15)

MANY cuts incorporated in rehearsals today.

Running time 2 hours 35 minutes (including 12 minute intermission).

Show was very clean tonight even with all of the changes and cuts. Line was called very few times and the actors seemed in control.

House was full and VERY responsive. Including some "woo hoos" when "Susan" kisses "Carl."

We may talk to house management about trying to 'wrangle' audience members and keep them from meandering around the playing space, especially during intermission, as we are working quickly to make sure the changeover happens, and don't want audience members putting their coats on the diner stools.

If we have time on Thursday, that we should look at the top of Act 2. Let's see how they go tomorrow and then maybe try to work them on Thursday?

Director thinks LX cue #125 (the transition from the diner back to "Karen"/"Bruce's" home) should be much slower.

1. At the top of Act II, crying will come in much louder.
2. Had some speaker/sound issues tonight including cell phone interference in the house speakers and a skipping/lagging QLab. Sound Designer stayed after the performance and we think we have it all straightened out.

1. We MUST scotch tape "Andy's" watch. Is that the actor's personal watch? Is there something we should cover the face with instead of scotch tape, that will not mess it up?
2. What was up with "Bruce's" wardrobe tonight? His sweater seemed REALLY small and we kept seeing his underwear sticking out of the pants...

1. Cheap Menorah #1 saw its end tonight ... Another one bites the dust. That makes three.
2. Got a bunch of new oyster shells. We had destroyed the previous ones. We brought them home to boil them. The kitchen smells like raw oysters. But they're clean!

Stage Management:
1. We should be using new chopsticks every night. Let's make sure this happens. It looks weird when they pull out ones already out of the packaging.
2. We think we know why "Susan" and "Andy" are not eating the rice – Tonight, the container that "Susan" opened was the container filled with rocks. Have we labeled the tops of the boxes like we talked about? Putting 'rice' on the ones with rice in them? Let's make sure this happens.
3. Do we need more adhesive putty to finish all the oysters?

No rehearsal tomorrow.

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