Saturday, December 6, 2008

Perf #3 (Rehearsal #14)

It snowed tonight...

Running time 2 hours 41 (4 minutes less), including 14 minute intermission.

The show was cleaner tonight and FASTER. There may be some cuts made over the next two days off, to be worked on at our Tuesday rehearsal. Audience tonight was overall responsive and very engaged, but NOISY.

We broke a martini glass tonight, but that’s okay. We have extras.

We noticed tonight that "Bruce’s" desk is not on the spike marks – we have never moved it. It’s about four inches stage right of each spike mark. We didn’t move it back because it’s been like that for a while.

We should probably consider scotch taping (or something similar) "Andy’s" watch. In both the first diner scene and the scene with "Susan," it was casting a pretty obvious reflection onto the upstage wall.

1. So funny – The cheap menorah didn’t break tonight.
2. New mugs are great.
3. Tuesday: replenish our perishables list.

Stage Management:
1. Will be giving "Doug" an earlier call for the top of Act 2.
2. Lets make sure we’re putting a new pack of chop sticks into the Chinese food bag each night. And maybe we should eventually discuss cutting the actual food – They haven’t eaten it yet.

Next Rehearsal: TUESDAY 3pm.

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